Meet the Team

ERICKA Office ManagerEricka

Office Manager
Our office manager, Ericka, joined our team in 2015! Bringing over six years of EDDA and business management expertise. Being a part of our patient’s journey in achieving a beautiful smile and seeing the increase in their confidence brings her joy. Throughout the years, Ericka has built close relationships with our patients and their families. One of her goals in her processional life is to continue to grow and learn new ways to make a positive impact with anyone that she shares her day with. 
Out of the office, Ericka enjoys spending time with her husband, her three amazing kids and their 70lb standard poodle, that thinks he is a lap dog! Originally from Mexico City, but Colorado has always been her home. Ericka has a love for nature and an enthusiasm for all outdoor activities. Ericka also enjoys reading, listening to music, and traveling to the beach.

SONIA Scheduling Coordinator


Scheduling Coordinator
Sonia was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She enjoys traveling to Mexico but considers home to be her favorite place to be. Sonia’s hobbies include going shopping, listening to Latin music, and working out. In the future, she aspires to go back to school, start her own business, and purchase her own home. A fun fact about Sonia is that she was born on April Fool’s Day. She has been in the dental field for almost 4 years and serves as the scheduling coordinator for the practice being your first point of contact when contacting the office.

 EMILIO Lead Orthodontic Assistant


Lead Orthodontic Assistant
Emilio was born in Los Angeles, CA, and currently resides in Denver, CO, with his wife, 7-year-old daughter, and a pitbull, Luna. In his free time, Emilio enjoys playing soccer, drawing, and working on cars. His favorite candy is Twizzlers, and his favorite place to vacation is in Hawaii. Emilio’s top three accomplishments were finishing a career, purchasing a home, and purchasing his dream truck. Emilio has been in the dental field for nearly a decade and is currently the Orthodontic Lead Assistant at the practice.

TERESA Treatment Coordinator


Treatment Coordinator
Teresa was born in Los Angeles, California and later moved to Denver, Colorado. In her free time, Teresa enjoys hiking, gardening, and horseback riding. She also loves to travel and spend time with her two dogs; Charlie and Scarface. One of her major accomplishments was purchasing a new home! She is the Treatment Coordinator at the practice.  With over 6 years of dental and orthodontic experience, Teresa is knowledgeable when it comes to your orthodontic needs. Teresa joined the Parkfield team in 2022 . As a Treatment Coordinator she serves patients by welcoming each new family and guiding them through the initial treatment
steps with Dr. Mian and Dr. Terrio Teresa also helps patients overcome obstacles that may prevent or delay beginning treatment.

NATALIE Orthodontic AssistantNatalie

Orthodontic Assistant
Natalie was born and raised in Riverside, California and currently resides in Denver, CO with her husband and two kids. In her free time, she enjoys going on bike rides with her family, listening to country music, and vacationing in Mexico. Natalie has been in the dental field and has specialized in orthodontics for more than 8 years. Her favorite part about her job is seeing the changes we create in smiles! She is an Orthodontic Assistant at the practice.

JESSICA Orthodontic AssistantJessica

Orthodontic Assistant
Jessica is a Colorado native and currently resides with her husband, 1-year-old son, and her Chihuahua Cuco. Outside of work, Jessica enjoys spending time with her family, trying new foods, shopping, and listening to podcasts. Jessica attended Pickens Technical college where she received her dental certification while already working at a dental office. She has 5 years of dental and orthodontic experience. She is an Orthodontic Assistant at the practice.


Marketing Coordinator
Shania was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, and moved to the United States in 2015. In February 2023, Shania just adopted her first pet dog named Lola. Lola is a Westie-poo, and sure does love all the attention and cuddles.
While in high school, Shania learned that her passion in photography grew, so after high school, she went to Community College of Denver where she earned her Associates of Arts & Communication, along with a certificate in Journalism. Her family always told her that she would be very good in marketing or working in a news station because of her bubbly-people person-personality. In 2021, Shania decided to expand her studies to Multimedia & Video Production and graduated from Emily Griffith Technical College a year later.